HEIDENHAIN training offers a comprehensive range of onsite and online training options.

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HEIDENHAIN’s innovative training programme (HIT) is an easy-to-use interactive learning experience on TNC Controls for students, new users and more experienced TNC machine operators. Designed in a modular step-by-step format, HIT allows users to build their practical understanding of 3-axis and 5-axis TNC programming, and so maximise their operational skills and knowledge. HIT provides interactive training in conversational programming, DIN ISO programming and in a 3 + 2package for five-axis machines.


HIT combines clear explanations of TNC programming principles, on-screen animations of TNC functionality and a detailed training workbook with example exercises in one accessible package. HIT works alongside programming station software so that users can try out exercises while they watch the on-screen demonstrations. After each level, users can take an interactive test to measure their knowledge and understanding.

HIT is available in several affordable packages according to need:

Cloud-based demo version: free
Single PC version with 12-month license (online and offline use): €37.50
Network version for up to 20 PCs (unlimited time period): €396.00

To purchase HIT, or try a free demo, please visit: https://training.heidenhain.com/en_UK/heidenhain-interactive-training/

For more advanced users

HEIDENHAIN also offers one-to-one specialist training in five-axis programming at your factory or office.
Call HEIDENHAIN on 01444 247711 for more information about our onsite training services.

A demanding technology requires qualified services, since as a customer you rightly expect safe, reliable, and highly productive systems. Technical qualification and continuing training are indispensible for achieving technological improvement and securing the future of a company and its employees.

HEIDENHAIN offers demand-oriented training courses in which the required technical knowledge is delivered practically, efficiently and according to your needs.

HEIDENHAIN offers onsite training for customers who would prefer to be trained at their premises. The course can be tailored to your needs in terms of topics, contents and the length or duration of the training. After completion of the course, attendees will receive a certificate of participation.

HEIDENHAIN also takes care of the logistical organisation of your onsite training. We supply the necessary programming stations and software for the applicants to use with their laptops/PCs, and supply all technical documentation on a CD.