ESR: Electro-optical strain sensor

Developed to help prevent civil disasters and save lives, HEIDENHAIN’s ESR digital strain sensor is available to monitor the structural health on structures, such as on bridges and buildings, in order to provide preventative maintenance information. With a renewed emphasis on improving the national infrastructure, this digital ESR strain sensor is the perfect option [...]

KCI 120 Dplus

The new KCI 120 Dplus dual encoder from HEIDENHAIN delivers motor feedback and position measurement in just one rotary encoder. By measuring the position downstream from the gearbox, the KCI 120 Dplus compensates for inaccuracies inherent in highly mobile and dynamic robots. This is necessary because, in order to achieve the desired mobility, articulated robots, [...]

EnDat 3

EnDat 3 is the latest release of this proven interface with features such as hybrid cabling, bus topology, functional safety (black channel communication) and multi-sensor support enabling HEIDENHAIN encoders to be fully integrated within a digital manufacturing environment. HMC 2 is a single cable solution for motors where encoder power and data can be transmitted [...]


PRESS RELEASE (March/16) Latest Heidenhain control is consistent with the aims of Industry 4.0 Heidenhain will use the MACH show in April to demonstrate the ease with which digital data can be transferred to and from its high-end TNC 640 CNC system for controlling machining centres and mill-turn centres. Functionality enables all participants in a [...]