HEIDENHAIN Field Service Engineers provide professional and reliable onsite support

Please expand the sections below for more information on our different service options.  For enquiries about our Field Service, please call our Service Team on 01444 238540 or complete and return this form.

  • Our engineer will arrive with the necessary spares and equipment to exact a speedy repair.
  • Your machine will have minimum down time.
  • Accuracy of machine performance.
  • Speed optimisation.
  • Options available for improving machining times.
  • Our engineers can assist the machine builder (OEM) or the machine importer (OEI) to fine tune the commissioning of the machine to meet the end customer’s requirements.
  • We can support you by backing up your important machine data from HEIDENHAIN controls.  This secures your data and prevents the possibility of expensive downtime when installing replacement hardware.
  • We can advise you on companies that have had the appropriate HEIDENHAIN training and are recommended by us to carry out your upgrading requirements.
  • Our engineers are available to support retrofitting companies in the commissioning of the retrofit.
  • Our engineers are fully equipped with the latest bespoke test equipment and software to diagnose HEIDENHAIN products.
  • We offer training for your maintenance team to understand and diagnose problems.
  • Programming training for your operator.
  • Training on the use of our encoder diagnostic equipment, PWM 9 and PWM 20.
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