Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

You can find archived information concerning your early HEIDENHAIN controls by visiting here.

A program that explains NC error messages is available to download from HEIDENHAIN.

To download the program please click here. Select the language version you want to use, EN= English, and click on the program to start the download.

Locate the program, errors_en.chm and right click on this to open the menu. Select Properties and then on this page select Unblock. This will open the program so it can be used.

NC error messages_FAQ image_080415

Please refer to the relevant section below:

Replacement parts and units

HEIDENHAIN Service Exchange

Repair service

Field service

or if you need assistance, please use our online service request form or call our dedicated service line on 01444 238540.

We offer a full repair service for HEIDENHAIN angle encoders.

In addition to replacing the housing/cable assembly, we are also able to exchange the mechanical or electronic assembly (bearing assembly). Simply call 01444 238540 and we will be happy to help.

Series devices:

The legal warranty period for series devices is 12 months. In addition to the legal warranty, HEIDENHAIN offers guarantee of function for a further 12 months. The total warranty period for new series devices is therefore 24 months.

Service devices:

A 12-month guarantee of function is valid for replacement units and spare parts.

Exchange devices:

A 12-month guarantee of function is valid for devices from our exchange stock.


After the repair, you enjoy a guarantee of function for 12 months not just on the repaired part, but on the entire unit.

Service Agreements:

As well as its extended 24-month guarantee, HEIDENHAIN also offer service agreements which cover:

  • Extension of your warranty period
  • Local machine and part stock for quick dispatch
  • Onsite repair machine repair by qualified and experienced HEIDENHAIN engineers.

Service agreements increase the efficiency of your investment and enable you to plan your repair costs.

Our opening times are as follows:

Monday to Thursday: 8:30am – 5:15pm.
Friday: 8:30 a.m. – 4:00pm.

Every HEIDENHAIN product bears an ID label. On this label you can find data identifying the unit.

Model designation

The model designation is the name of the device.

ID number

The ID number (also referred to as part number) is a HEIDENHAIN article number consisting of the basic ID number (6 or 7 digits) and the variant (2 digits after the hyphen). If you intend to order a replacement unit from HEIDENHAIN, the ID number is absolutely necessary, as it allows for an exact statement on the product’s specifications. The ID number may be abbreviated to ID, ID number or Id.No.

Serial number

Every device has its own serial number. The serial number is a consecutive number for unique identification of products with the same ID number. It serves to ensure traceability of a product after it has been put in circulation, e.g. to find the date of invoice that is required to determine guarantee and warranty periods. The term serial number is mostly abbreviated to SN or S/N.

Model designation, ID number and serial number are also indicated on the packaging label.


We offer various testing and adjustment packages for HEIDENHAIN encoders with absolute as well as incremental interfaces:

PWT 10/PWT 17/PWT 18/PWT 100 The PWT serves as an adjustment aid for initial commissioning of your encoders.
PWM 9 The PWM 9 is a universal measuring device for checking and adjusting incremental linear and angle encoders.
PWM 20 With the aid of the PWM 20, you can check and adjust encoders with absolute and incremental interfaces.


For more information about the functions and benefits of our testing packages, please download the following PDF:

Testing Equipment for HEIDENHAIN Encoders.

For data transfer we use TNCremo communications software, which can be downloaded here (found under PC Software -> TNCremo).

How can I connect my HEIDENHAIN control to an Ethernet network?

Click here to view our easy guide.

Service News

Service News is published every six months.  Our newsletter keeps you regularly informed by e-mail about current technical and commercial news about HEIDENHAIN Service, e.g.:

  • Service successors
  • Service strategies
  • Testing equipment
  • Service procedures at HEIDENHAIN
  • How to contact HEIDENHAIN Service

If you are interested in receiving our Service News newsletter, please sign up here:
Service News

Service Brochure

Our current Service Brochure “Focus on the Customer“ provides an extensive overview of the sales and services in your region and worldwide, e.g.:

  • Our services
  • Overview of service benefits
  • Availability of service
  • How to contact HEIDENHAIN Service

The Service Brochure is also available on our HEIDENHAIN website:
Service Brochure

We can also send you our Service Brochure by mail. Please contact us on 01444 247711 to order your copy.

If you are interesting in joining a training course, or simply want to find out more about them, please visit our Training page or call 01444 238540.