HEIDENHAIN, which develops and manufactures linear, angle and rotary encoders, digital readouts and numerical controls for demanding positioning applications, will exhibit a new generation of machine tool touch probes for the first time in the UK.

Designed for aligning and measuring workpieces, tool setting and detecting cutter wear and breakage, the range includes hybrid models that are able to be switched between infrared (IR) and radio transmission of signals. The same unit can therefore be swapped between different machine tools on a shop floor, irrespective of whether they are equipped with IR or radio communication, saving the cost of buying extra probes.

A further advantage, mainly applicable to larger machines, is mixed operation using both forms of data communication. It allows the long range of radio transmission to reach the tool changer so that a workpiece probe can be activated, ready for use. Subsequently switching to IR during probing exploits the increased speed and accuracy of data transmission at infrared frequencies.

Another new and in this case patented feature is the inclusion of an optional rubber coupling in the body of the workpiece probes, positioned between the stylus and shank to protect the unit in the event of an axial collision. The probes also have wear-free optical sensing, thermal decoupling and smart battery standby.

HEIDENHAIN Interactive Training (HIT) software will be promoted. The modules, with information, exercises and simulations, provide an on-line training environment for programming CNC machine tools and are ideal for schools and colleges.

TNC 640 CNC will also feature. The latest control in the HEIDENHAIN range, it offers both milling and turning capability as well as enhanced accuracy and surface finish of the machined part.


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